Rules For All Users

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Rules For All Users

Post by Blackstar on Wed Dec 28, 2016 8:44 pm

1. No oorp(out-of-roleplay) bullying
2. Be descriptive, 4+ lines
3. Username MUST be character name
-You are able to change username, so as your character ages I expect to see it change.
i.e; Redkit, Redpaw, Redtail
4.Your profile picture MUST be your character
-You may use a real life cat or a fake picture, as long as it looks like your cat.
5.Cussing is not allowed, only because cats do not use such words. They would say fox-dung, etc.
6.No complex words such as 'ribbons' or 'banner,' not everyone knows what they mean
7.Use correct grammar. Not sure of a sentence? Ask someone.
8.No mating role-play.
-Your character may become pregnant, but do not describe the process of how.
9.No excluding people from the role-play
10.No double posting
11.No power-playing
i.e; Halftail slashes at Goldenwhisker's throat, Goldenwhisker dodges but Halftail manages to pin her down'
What if Goldenwhisker didn't dodge? Also, let there be room for the other roleplayer to make a choice. ie; Halftail claws Thornclaw's shoulder,' instead, say 'Halftail attempts to claw Thornclaw's shoulder,' this way, Thornclaw can decide if the blow lands or not. However, you can not dodge all attacks
12.Be active. Reply on the forum at least twice a week. If you are going to be gone for a long amount of time, say so on the 'Vacations/Leaves' thread.
13.A bio for your character must be posted within a week of joining. Go the 'Bios' and click on 'Bio Layout,' to create your bio.
14.You may have up to five different accounts, however each must have one character on them.
15.Bio must be approved before you can proceed to the Roleplay Areas
16.If your cat is in one clan, you may NOT go look at another clans roleplay area.
17.Have an idea for a new clan/rp area? P.M me!
18.If your character dies, P.M an admin to let them know. Afterwards, you may edit your account and make a new cat.
19.No unrealistic colors.
20.The Warrior Code
-Look in Important->Warrior Code to see the full code. It is required you read it before rping. You may break the code, just as you may in the books, however the leader can decide your punishment. The leader must follow up with me however before a punishment is carried out.
21.No unrealistic names.
-Example, is your cat all white with red patches and a red tail? Name it Redpatch, or Redtail! Cats don't know what Scarlet is, so Scarletpatch or Scarlettail is out of the question. Also, warriors don't use 'Moon' in their names, as the moon is a large part of their beliefs. Same with star. Think, if you have a cat named Starkit? what if they become leader? Starstar? No. Also, cats are unaware of what dragons or other mythical creatures are. No Dragontail or Wyvernclaw. Or gems like ruby, sapphire, etc. Keep it realistic. i,e; Acceptable: Blackfoot, Cherrynose, Kestrelflight, Hawkmoth, Jaggedclaw. Unacceptable:Dragontooth, Magentastripe, Starbelly, Moonclaw, Voidheart
22.If your character wishes to kill another character, you MUST get permission from the other user before doing so. It is best you screen shot the PM so they cannot try and get you banned later. If you cannot for whatever reason screen shot, have the other user PM an admin to let them know that you have permission to kill off their character.-

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