Lakeclan Camp Map - Only Lakeclan Members May Visit This Map

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Lakeclan Camp Map - Only Lakeclan Members May Visit This Map

Post by Blackstar on Thu Dec 29, 2016 9:13 pm

Here is a very basic map of Lakeclan's camp.

There is some speculation on where the camp is. If you look on the General Map, the medium-sized area by the lake where it looks like a smaller circle is on top of a larger circle, it is by the smaller circle with a river going around it. Their dens are made of twigs, gorse, brambles, and moss makes up their nest. The dens are in a circle in the center of camp, this is in case of a flood. If a flood were to occur, the clan would have to move quickly towards Flintclan territory, where they have an agreement that no matter what is going on, if a flood occurs they are welcome to stay by the river until the water levels recede. The territory's boundaries is the river they share with Breezeclan, the one they share with Flintclan, and the outermost river towards the Gathering Place. Though it is not seen on the General Map, past Lakeclan there is a small human town. Even still, they only worry about humans during Newleaf and Greenleaf, but even then the humans still don't go far enough to cause worry with the clans.

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