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Birchclan Information

Post by Blackstar on Thu Dec 29, 2016 10:02 pm

Birchclan Information Q/A

Q:What will I see on a daily basis?
A:Birchclan cats normally see large birch-trees... the clan really lives up to its name. It's very grassy, and there is a river nearby.

Q:What are Birchclan cats like?
A:Most think of Thunderclan when they hear Birchclan. These cats are very bold and out-going, and they are very adventurous. However, all cats have their own personalities!

Q:Which clan is the biggest threat to Birchclan?
A:Breezeclan, this is only because it's the closest clan however. This does not mean that they are currently enemies.

Q:Is Birchclan in a war right now?
A:No. There is no battle between Birchclan and any other clan at the moment.

Q:What is Birchclan's prey?
A:Birchclan mostly eats mice, squirrels, thrush, finches, rabbits, crows, pigeons, starlings, magpies, pheasants, blackbirds, shrews, adders, and voles.

Q:What are the advantages of joining Birchclan?
A:Birchclan's advantages include tree-climbing and being able to easily run through thick vegetation.

A:Hard time with water. Though SOME cats MAY be able to swim, most, if not all, Birchclan cats cannot. Also, they have a hard time with rocky terrain, as their paw pads are not used to it.

Q:How are Birchclan cat's built?
A:Birchclan cat's bodies are very sturdy and broad, not slender like Breezeclan cats.

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