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Lakeclan Information

Post by Blackstar on Thu Dec 29, 2016 10:51 pm

Lakeclan Information Q/A

Q:What will I see on a daily basis?
A: Lakeclan cats see a lot of open land with a lot of water, mostly lakes and streams.

Q:What are Lakeclan cats like?
A:Lakeclan cats, like all cats, have separate personalities. There is no huge similarity between the cats.

Q:Which clan is the biggest threat to Lakeclan?
A:Breezeclan, mostly because they are the nearest clan. Flintclan is also a very close-by clan, but the two clans get a long very well. This does not mean Flintclan is not a threat though.

Q:Is Lakeclan in a war right now?

Q:What is Lakeclan's prey?
A:Carp, trout, frogs, toads, thrush, pheasants, adders, moorhens, blackbirds, minnows, and water shrews

Q:What are the advantages of joining Lakeclan?
A:Advantages include being able to swim

A:Disadvantages include not good with tree-climbing, forest terrain, or rocky terrain.

Q:How are Lakeclan cat's built?
A:Lakeclan cats are slender like Breezeclan cats, but they are adapted to swimming unlike Breezeclan.

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