Flintclan Information

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Flintclan Information

Post by Blackstar on Thu Dec 29, 2016 11:07 pm

Flintclan Information Q/A

Q:What will I see on a daily basis?
A:Rocks. A lot of rocks. And mountains.

Q:What are Flintclan cats like?
A:Flintclan cats are slightly reserved, since they are secluded in the mountains. However they all have their own personality.

Q:Which clan is the biggest threat to Flintclan?
A:Lakeclan, since it is the closest clan. This does not mean their currently enemies

Q:Is Flintclan in a war right now?

Q:What is Flintclan's prey?
A:Bats, adders, thrush, mice, crows, rats, blackbirds, falcons, and lizards

Q:What are the advantages of joining Flintclan?
A:Advantages include rough paw-pads, meaning they can adapt to a lot of different terrains.

A:Disadvantages include no skills in tree climbing or swimming

Q:How are Flintclan cat's built?
A:Flintclan cats are bulky and very sturdy, but also slender. This lets them climb rocks easily.

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