The Gathering Place - All Users May Visit This Map

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The Gathering Place - All Users May Visit This Map

Post by Blackstar on Fri Dec 30, 2016 8:02 pm

A very basic map of the gathering place

Light Green-Raised Land/Hills
White-Birch Tree
Brown-Oak/Pine Tree
Light Blue-River
Silver-Edge of Birchclan
Black-Edge of Flintclan
Orange-Edge of Breezeclan
Dark Blue-Edge of Lakeclan

Brief Description
The Gathering Place is an area of peace. No one hunts there, no one fights there. There is an area of raised land where the leaders sit. The deputies sit at the foot of the land, and the med. cats and their apprentices sit towards the edge of the area of land. Expanding away from the raised land, there is the normal flat land where the clan cats can mingle. When the moon is full, the gathering begins. This is where leaders can speak about affairs with their clan and more. If a fight breaks out, Starclan will send a sign in some way. Normally the gathering ends if that happens. Though it is not seen on the map, there are stepping stones so Birchclan can get to the Gathering Place. Breezeclan crosses over a fallen tree, Lakeclan swims. Flintclan has large stones they can cross. During times of heavy rainfall, Lakeclan crosses through Flintclan territory and crosses over using the stones. If the water is frozen over and able to support cats, then they simply cross over the ice.

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