The Legion

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The Legion

Post by Blackstar on Fri Dec 30, 2016 8:59 pm

Q:What will I see on a daily basis?
A:A lot of cars. Alley-ways, rats. Two-legs. Tall buildings.

Q:What are Legion cats like?
A:Cats in The Legion are mostly closed-off and cruel, since they are lead by a cruel cat. Most people think of Bloodclan when they hear of this group.

Q:Which clan is the biggest threat to The Legion?
A:All of them. The Legion is not a friendly group. At the moment, they have no clan enemies.

Q:Is The Legion in a war right now?

Q:What is their prey?
A:Human food that's been thrown out, rubbish, rats, mice, blackbirds, crows, anything they can find thats edible.

Q:What is the advantages of joining The Legion?
A:Enhanced battle training, no warrior code, rough paw-pads thanks to the pavement.

A:The Legion is a dangerous group, joining them could mean you may never get to leave. There will be a hard time getting food and finding shelter.

Q:How are Legion cats built?
A:The Legion cats have no same build. Some are broad-shouldered, some are slender. All of them hold the same strength however.

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