Blackstar-Male-Turkish VanxTurkish Angora

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Blackstar-Male-Turkish VanxTurkish Angora

Post by Blackstar on Thu Dec 29, 2016 2:26 am

General Information
Past Names: Darkie/Blackpaw/Blacktail
Lives Left: 9
Age:48 Moons
Breed: Turkish Van x Turkish Angora
Sex: Tom
Preferred Sex: Prefers Toms and She-Cats
Personality:Assertive, Loyal, Kind, Stern, Stubborn, Playful, Adventurous
Likes: trees, hunting, exploring, peace, quiet, new-leaf, silverpelt, sun-bathing
Dislikes: fighting, war, blood, leaf-bare, water, fish, traitors, two-legs, dogs, monsters, watching kits play
Fears: death, clan starving, natural disasters, two-legs, dogs, monsters
Hobbies: hunting, exploring, interacting with clan

Looks:All white with black markings
Fur:All white, black speckles. Long fur.
Markings:Black patch on head that also covers right eye, black tail
Scars:Nick in left ear from fight with badger
Eyes:Pale yellow

Clan Information

Family Information
Mother:Belle, 108 Moons

Father:Speck, 120 Moons

Sibling(s):Thorn, Tom, 48 Moons


Strength: 7/10
Speed: 8/10
Stamina: 8/10
Mana(Willpower): 8/10
Defense: 6/10
Leadership Skills: 9/10
Teamwork: 9/10
Memory: 9/10
Eyesight: 8/10
Hearing: 8/10
Quick-Thinking: 8/10

Born in a two-leg nest as Darkie, Blackstar never thought he'd end up where he did. He lived an easy life with his mother, father, and brother and their two-legs, however he did not like it. He spent much time exploring and hunting in the nearby forest, and when he was six moons, he left with his brother, Moon. Moon later decided he'd go by Thorn instead. They were discovered by a small clan, and were given the option to join. Blackstar accepted, Thorn did not. Now having his name changed to Blackpaw, he trained under Wolfsong. When he was made a warrior, he was given an apprentice and the name Blacktail. The small clan was however wiped out by a large pack of wolves, and only a few survived. They all went their separate ways, including Blackstar. He decided he would create his own clan, and thus Birchclan was born. And though Turkish Vans are known for their ability to swim, Blackstar never learned how and like a lot of cats, does not like to even get in water that goes over his paws.

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